I started the maternity yoga class in my third month of pregnancy. I liked the class a lot. It's useful and comforting to share your experience with other pregnant women; it provides more positive energy for the birth of the baby and it's a special moment to connect with your baby too.

The instructors, Nahid in particular, are attentive and caring which allowed me to participate safely in Hatha and meditation classes.

After a bad experience which ended in an emergency c-section, I really wanted a natural birth at home but my obstetrician recommended against doing so. I was therefore ready to fight at the hospital to have as few interventions as possible. I ultimately had an amazingly fast and painless delivery. I went through much of the labour at home with my 3 year-old boy and my partner. My contractions seemed so mild that nobody, my doula and the nurse I called, thought I was in real labour, so I stayed at home and in the end my partner called 911 because I felt the baby was pushing! I live 5 minutes away from Lions Gate Hospital and ended up delivering in an ambulance. I managed to have a delivery without any medical interventions! I was fully aware of what was going on and I honestly can say that the yoga classes helped me to relax, be confident in my body, breathe well and thus manage to open the birth path for my baby.

Thanks Nahid for helping me to experience this repairing birth!
Posted By: Catherine Moula
Very professional, awesome service!!!!
Posted By: Veronica Creyke
Very pleasant and informative
Posted By: Sue wick
Very welcoming
Posted By: Georgina Elneweihi
Instructor seemed knowledgeable, bright clean space with equipment provided which is great for a beginner
Posted By: Doreen Marlor
Small space, cool instructor, serene experience (don't forget though that yoga is work)
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
Lovely space, great class, I'll be back!
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
I really enjoyed my experience and will let others know about this great Studio.
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
I'm very happy with my choice of Yogana studio
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
Very experienced teacher with great supervision of movements & postures.
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
Very pleasant and helpful instructor
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
Very friendly-not "TRENDY" or snobby
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
I am very happy to find a Yoga class (Beginners Yoga) that was appropriate for me. The instructor is very informative and explains the stretches/poses perfectly.
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
I think it is great so far. I would recommend it.
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
Enjoying my classes
Posted By: Anonymous Customer
My daughter loves yoga and bought me a month of sessions at Yogana, it had been while since I last did any yoga, so I was a little concerned at my ability to keep up, no need to worry, the class was paced well and the instructions clear, I am now a regular attendee and love it. I like the peaceful atmosphere, excellent instruction and there is no need to bring a mat.
Posted By: Roxanne Davies-Hatha classs participant
I'm very happy with my Groupon choice of Yogana studio
Posted By: Customer Online Feedback
The friendship and professionalism of Nahid made each class something to look forward. In addition, I immediately felt results from the constant attendance. The tips provided concerning why poses or exercises worked, hence my ability to continue my practice even when not at Yogana. I like both Hatha and power class. I like the flow of Hatha and extra physical demand of power.
Posted By: John Henley- Hatha and Power class participant
I highly recommend the prenatal yoga classes at Yogana. Nahid is an excellent teacher-I really appreciated her calm, nurturing style. I found the classes to be just what I needed--I went throughout my second and third trimester and always found class to be an excellent combination of asanas, relaxation and inspiration for my body and my mind. Sometimes the class would be very relaxing, and sometimes more invigorating, and somehow it was always just what I needed that day.
Posted By: Caitlin Hayes-Prenatal class participant
Thank you so much for my yoga. Thank you for your help in handling my pain. Friends are like flowers, their presence is a pleasure.
Posted By: Hazel Dickson-Hatha classs participant
I like how it’s very relaxing and you don’t have to worry about later, just have fun then. I would say Yogana is a great class for beginners and experienced kids. The yoga teacher is very experienced and you will learn a lot and never get bored.
Posted By: Tarra 13 years old-Sheed class participant
I like the lie down poses. Nahid is the teacher she is really good, I think you could come too. She is very nice. My class is very fun. I am learning lots of moves.
Posted By: Nadia 9 years old-Sheed class participant
The instructor, Nahid is a master in yoga and she is very knowledgeable in this field and also in the physic and body structure. She mentions what each move is going for our body and what area it is working on. The classes are helping my pains heal better and the stretches are flexing my muscles. Love all the new poses when I can do them properly. Nahid is professional in yoga. She knows what she is doing. I enjoy the classes very much
Posted By: Parmis Mohebtash-Hatha and Power yoga participant
I like the long, slow meditation at the start, which also moves into warming the muscles slowly and gentle but also fully before the dynamic poses. I also like the length of the class as we accomplish so much, both relaxation and all the important yoga poses including balance. All motions are clear, precise, safe and challenging as I am fit and active so appreciate this level. Good attention to body alignment, nothing jerky. Voice calm, Nahid is also so extremely pleasant and amenable to my needs.
Posted By: Susan Bridger-Power class participant
I attended prenatal yoga classes, taught by Nahid, once or twice a week for about 4 months during my pregnancy starting in early second trimester. I found the classes to be very helpful in maintaining some flexibility, strength and relaxation during the pregnancy. I looked forward to each class throughout the week as it was a time to forget about all the stresses and worries about pregnancy and work and focus on me and the baby growing inside me. The stretches and breathing techniques eased the aches and pains that come with pregnancy and have helped prepare me for labour. Nahid is a very welcoming, kind, and thoughtful instructor who provided a calm and soothing environment for practicing yoga. I would recommend Nahid's prenatal class to all pregnant women and I look forward to joining one of Nahid's regular yoga classes after baby is born.
Posted By: Roisin Nicole O'Neil-Prenatal class participant
It makes me relax to think and concentrate on my body and my baby. I learned how breathing can be helpful to release pain and stress. Yogana has very comfortable and friendly environment. The instructor (Nahid) paid attention to my physical and emotional condition all the time and lead me to release all the stress and improve my body movements and flexibility. I recommend Yogana to all my friends. Thanks,
Posted By: Farnaz Jalayer-Prenatal class participant
The class is a wonderful place to come and build your love for yoga with professional guidance from Mrs. Nahid. I’ve come to this class with no experience and I feel that my confidence and strength rise to no limits. Mrs. Nahid opens up the whole new world for me. I’m grateful and inspired. She is doing the best of her capability to insured that we leave this class with good experiences. I always look forward to our classes together.
Posted By: Daniela Pazurikova-Hatha class participant
I was pleasantly surprised of the first class. It was feeling so relax and refresh afterwards and very encourage that I could benefit greatly by stretching and energizing my body. The class is perfect for me. Clear instructions, lovely voice, poses are doable but can be very effective if done correctly.. Thank you Nahid you are a real blessing.
Posted By: Barbara Murphy-Hatha class participant
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