Studio Guidelines


  • Arrive at the studio about 10 minutes early so you can get settled.
  • Studio door will be closed once class begins; please be on time.
  • please leave your shoes in entryway shelf when entering the studio.
  • Turn your cell phone completely off, this also means that you shouldn’t have it on vibrate.
  • Please always keep your voice to a whisper while others are in practice.
  • Do not wear perfume as other people may have allergies or sensitivities.
  • The only things you might need near your mat are keys, wallet, water and maybe a few yoga tools. Please leave your bag, purse, jacket, etc. in change room.
  • Pick up props and blocks that were used during the class and put on the shelves.
  • Advice your teacher of  any injury, medical condition or limitations before the class starts.
  • Let the instructors know you are a beginner and if you need help.
  • Yoga is not competitive. Be gentle and compassionate towards yourself and avoid competition with others.
  • In order to get maximum benefits from practice, stay for a full Savasanaa (Relaxation).

Additional information