Our Vision

yogana-studio15Imagine a calm and unruffled lake, reflecting a vivid picture of the blue sky above, fluffs of cloud and birds in flight. With a passing of a silky breeze, the picture dances gently.

Moments later the roaring wind is no longer forgiving, taking away every opportunity for the lake to recover. The images fall apart and peace is disrupted.

It is in this way that fluctuation in intellect, mental waves, and tensions in the physical body, will stress and imbalance the human consciousness. It is these everyday factors that blur the boundaries between mind, body, consciousness, and thoughts and take away the chance for us to reunite with our true self.

Yoga means the union between various parts of our physical, intellectual, spiritual and mental being, causing freedom and peace within the self. Yoga is a philosophy that results in liberty from the mentioned fluctuations and stressors. Employing various exercises based on the deep and ancient knowledge of human existence, yoga offers better and higher quality of life, internal and external harmony.

Our Goal
Our goal at Yogana Studio is to present a holistic approach where physical exercises are combined with breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation. The sums of these practices increase the capacity and potential of human body, mind, and spirit, in preparation for achieving other goals and potentials in life.

Physical Exercises
At Yogana Studio physical exercises start with specific warm up stretches called Pavana Mukta Asana. These practices help release joint and digestive system gases and toxins, which prepare the body for physical exercise or Yoga Asanas. Performing Asanas will help strengthen muscles, joints and bones, and work positively on the internal systems of the body such as the nervous system, endocrine glands, immune and the digestive systems. As a result of such training, the learner benefits from acquiring physical equilibrium and endurance.

Breathing Exercises
Yogana Studio employs breathing exercises that teach the use of maximum capacity of lungs and absorption of vital energies or Prana. As a result, the performance of the respiratory system is improved which in turn will help the lungs, heart and the efficient delivery of enough oxygen to the cells. In addition, the consistent use of correct breathing will help the body to rebuild and becomes much more resilient towards mental distress, anxiety, and many health issues. Yoga philosophy states that the art of controlled breathing will eventually lead to control of the mind.

Relaxation Exercise

Yogana Studio recognizes the importance of relaxation or Savasana, thus following each of these Asanas with few moments of Savasana and at the closure of each session in a more intense manner. Science has shown that ten minutes of this relaxation technique is equivalent to few hours of deep sleep. This will help in excretion of lactic acid build up in muscles, which in turn re-sensitizes the body. Savasana is the experience of total physical, mental and emotional relaxation as a result of realising the relaxing hormones from the endocrine glands which is resulting in calmness, clarity, healing and at last a pleasant happiness.

At Yogana Studio, through collective and consistent use of these trainings, you will experience true peace, joy and health.

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