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Yoga Etiquette:

Remove your shoes at the entrance

Our shoe removal policy is strictly enforced. Our studio has parquet floor which is being cleaned before and after every class. We all do yoga with bare feet. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the studio which is important to everyone’s health (including yourself), we require that you remove and leave your shoes at the entrance.



Mind your personal hygiene

Yoga room is a public place and may sometimes get crowded. Please mind your personal hygiene. Use light or odour-free deodorants. Attend classes with a fresh breath. Clean and brush your hair. Do not step on the mats if your feet are not clean. Wear clean, simple and decent yoga clothing. Make sure that the mat and towel that you bring to the studio are clean and odour-free. Good personal hygiene shows that you respect yourself as well as the others.



Leave your bag, purse and jacket in the change room

The area around your mat should always be tidy and clear of any objects. Bags, purses, jackets and other items are not allowed on the studio floors. You may leave these items in the change room. Any object left on the floor creates a hazard for people. The only objects that are allowed on the studio floors are your mat, keys, wallet and few yoga tools that your instructor may ask for. In case that you need a blanket for Savasana, please keep it folded beside your mat. Do not scatter your belongings around your mat.



Enter and settle down quietly

Yoga is about focusing and paying attention to the harmony between one’s body and mind. We need a quite and relax classroom for yoga. Please be gentle and quite at all times. When you enter the class, please settle quietly. Place your mat on the floor gently. Please never slam your mat or any object on the floor. Greet your friends and relax in the room until your class starts. If you need to move or change your position during the class please do so quietly and without distracting the others.



Don’t talk to the person next to you

Always remember that you are here to find peace and relief the stress of everyday life. Please do not disturb other people’s peace and concentration by talking about life events. Keep the room quite and respect those who practice yoga and meditate.



Make room for others

If the room is starting to fill up, be open to moving your mat a few inches to accommodate a neighbour. We understand that you arrived early to get your favourite spot. However, everyone is here to practice and share this space with one another.



Respect the teacher

Respecting your yoga teacher comes in many forms. The easiest one is following the poses or a modified version of them. Do not do your own series in the middle of a guided class if you are bored or uninterested in the current pose. Keep in mind the level of the class that you are attending. If you are attending a basic class, stick to the basic versions of the poses so you do not confuse new students. The teacher will offer you the option to take a more advanced variation when appropriate.



Don’t look at other people while they practice

It’s more beneficial to focus on your own body instead of following other students. If you are not clear about the postures, ask your teacher for guidance.  Keep your eyes closed during the rest times between poses. In respect to everyone’s privacy, please do not stare at people around you.



Observe silence during Savasana

Practice silence during savasana and resist any temptation over moving your body or continuing yoga asanas. This last pose completes your practice and provides the opportunity for your body to absorb the energy released from asanas. Science has shown that ten minutes of this relaxation technique is equivalent to few hours of deep sleep. This will help in excretion of lactic acid build up in muscles, which in turn re-sensitizes the body. If you must leave before the end of the class, inform your teacher in advance, and leave quietly before people settle into savasana.



Clean up your immediate area

Please wipe off your sweat drops from the floor or mats with your towel. If you used props, please put them back. Do not forget to take all your stuff with you. If you prefer to use your own mat, please make sure that your mat is clean and odour-free. If it is a rainy day and your mat is wet or dirty, make sure that you wipe it completely dry and clean before putting it on the studio’s floor. If you think that your mat is not clean or completely dry, please leave it at the entrance and use one of studio’s mats. It shows that you respect others who share this space with you. If you use tissue to wipe your sweat or clean your nose, please do not leave it on the floor or on the mats. Used tissues must go into the waste basket right away.



Please leave the studio within 10 minutes after your class is over

You are welcome to stay up to 10 minutes after your class for a tea and grounding: holding the positive energy that you have gained from the class and saving it for the rest of your day. However, we need time to prepare the space and get ready for the next class. Therefore, please do not stay in the studio longer than 10 minutes after your class is over.

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. Patanjali