Corporate Yoga Program

Yogana Studio offers group or individual yoga lessons to all types of businesses and organizations in central Lonsdale.      

We are committed to integrate the values and benefits of yoga into your professional life. Following this objective, Yogana will gladly provide free consultations for you to choose the appropriate course, meeting your employees’ needs. Our corporate courses energize employees, refresh their spirits, and de-stress their mind in a pure atmosphere and at very affordable prices.

 To take advantage of our great rates, you can register in groups of at least 5 and enjoy a 20% discount as well as take pleasure in yoga with your co-workers.

How corporate course works

  • Employees come together, as a group, once a week or more;
  • Group sessions are possible in any size (depending on space availability);
  • The sessions can be scheduled before/after work or during lunch time;
  • Yoga mat and equipment are provided;
  • The session offers a mixture of gentle and dynamic yoga;
  • The sessions are designed to suit all capabilities, and the poses are tailored for the individual needs of the groups.


To arrange your appointment please call 778.340.0650 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional information