Class Descriptions



Hatha Yoga (sun & moon): is the physical branch of yoga emphasizing posture alignment. Hatha yoga is perfect for first time learners wanting a full body workout, while learning proper breathing and relaxation techniques.All ages and levels are welcome

yogana-hatha-flowHatha Flow: Hatha Flow synchronizes movement and breath to produce a flow of postures that lead naturally from one posture to another with a little rest between. Each sequence of movements creates a strong cardiovascular workout and improves strength and flexibility. Hatha Flow classes are best suited for who have practiced Hatha Yoga and seek for stronger physical workout.

Power Yoga: is the dynamic and rigorous flow of yoga poses synchronized with breaths, this form of yoga meant for learners looking for a more challenging and intense workout.
Participants must have prior yoga experience

Prenatal: is specifically designed for the changing needs of the expectant mother. Poses are geared to help gain strength and flexibility, thus feeling fit throughout pregnancy. Sessions end with related meditation and relaxation.

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Yoga for Youth: is sensitively designed for the pure soul of children growing in a fast-paced world. Yoga for Youth teaches calming techniques, self discipline, flexibility as well as playful and imaginative journeys.Classes are for learners between 8 and 16 years of age


Private Class: Private classes have been designed to meet the differing needs of clients who are unable to attend group classes due to physical limitations, lack of mobility, and/or age. These classes are also beneficial for individuals who are on the road to recovery, and return to physical and psychological health.

Pranayama: is the specific teaching of breathing techniques and related cleansing and purifying exercises combined with postures to increase lung capacity. Pranayama is perfect for healing and recovery from illness and stress. 
All ages and levels are welcome

Meditation: is the discipline of concentration to steady the mind and cultivate a sense of focus and inner calm. The goal of meditation is to reach a level of consciousness where the past and future cease to exist.

All ages and levels are welcome

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